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Every women suffer from hormone disbalance once in their life! But to manage it with help of nature is easy then medicine! So naturopath is a best way to deal with hormonal irregularities! So in this blog Dr Deeksha Singh covered how to manage or balance your hormones in natural way with help of diet, exercise & lifestyle modifications!


A women goes with many cyclic , physical & behavioural changes throughout their life! These changes are basically due to hormones in women’s! So Hormones are responsible for all these changes in women’s body inside & outside! Your health, skin & hair impacted from hormonal disbalance !


Changes Like mood swings, insomnia, stress, tension, oily scalp & skin, food skipping & light sensitivity! Hormonal Disbalance rises during pregnancy, periods & menopause! But to manage hormones is not difficult task! Most importantly you can manage these disbalance in natural way!

Flax Seeds Daily : These are so important when it comes to healthy body & mind! It got omega3 fatty acid, fiber in it! It controls blood sugar & help in maintaining healthy heart! According to research study those women’s take flax seed daily have balance between hormones progesterone & estrogen in their body! You can use flax seed powder with water & different recipes to make part of your daily routine!

Use Drinks with safety : Alcohol, caffeine & sugar drinks can disbalance our hormones! As they lead to increase in level of cortisol hormone in body that impact our ovarian cycle! If you are thirsty prefer coconut or plain water for drinking! For energy use green tea! Green tea have balance amount of caffeine & amino acid L-thianin that help in brain function!


Manage Your Stress : Stress impact our health & lifestyle in a more negative way! Mostly in stress we avoid our health & take processed food which lead to sleep disturbance! Stress increase hormone cortisol in our body which make us lethargic & also reduces our body ability to fight diseases & lead to hormonal disbalance! So to avoid it use warm water for bath, go for walk & do yoga regularly!

Dairy Products: These are full nutrition! But if you are suffering from hormonal disbalance please use curd & cream with concern!

Herbs are important : Vitamin C, B5, Eleuthero & Radiola are herbs that gives you energy & support neurotransmitters! They increase positive hormones in body! They balance your hormones in natural way! They balance menopause symptoms like night sweat, hot flushes etc. ! Use meca powder with green tea to balance your hormones!

Complete Your Sleep: When we are sleeping our mind detoxify our body that’s why it is important to sleep minimum 7-8 hours daily! It control hormone cortisol, melatonin, Somatotropin in our body! Use dark room for sleep avoid using smartphone before sleep!

Exercise- is the key : Daily exercise is key to balance your hormones! Regular exercise increase circulation & endorphin hormones in our body! It helps to maintain our weight! It’s a natural medicine to cure diseases! It decreses cortisol in our body! It increase healthy lipid in our body! 150 min aerobic in a week is good for healthy hormones in bdoy!

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