My Life Journey! Dr Deeksha Singh

This blog is about how I changed my life years ago, when I left the metro city life and move to kanpur & started new life close to knowledge & peace! Close to all things my heart was longing for!

These years have been so challenging & hard but also wonderful & magical in every single way! I have learnt so much from that day I came to my house with no money, no job & no plans on what I should do with my life! But from the day I started living for real life!

I started appreciating things that I had never thought of when living in an apartment in the city! & I started learning that you can never feel the wonderful comfort feeling of warmth if you have not yet been cold!

I started with nothing but a dream & today I live my dream! Everyday I feel so thankful for still being able live here in my little paradise, deep & working with all things I love & sharing my life with my loved ones!

In this blog you get to see a short summary of these years! Of course many details are included since the blog would be year long if I could include all things that happened along the way! But at least it tells my story in a big picture ! I hope you will like my story!

My name is Dr Deeksha Singh! I’m a OBGYN PT & also a Author, blogger, Speaker, You tuber & Founder of Hormonal Wings! And I’m gonna tell you the story of my journey! I took the most important decision of my life in 2016 I decided to leave city to my hometown! I left the apartment & quit everything! My heart was longing fir something else ! I moved to kanpur ! A city where I had my roots since generation back! So actually it was like coming home!

When I first came here I had no plan, no money & no job! But I had a dream to be in defense! I wanted to make a living so that I could work on my dreams! So that I could stay at my home! The first year are very challenging! Long steady & constant worry about money! But during this time I found my passion when I was attending my SSB in Bhopal! I found i’m born to help & heal women! A time when my limits are constantly tested! I also open my clinic for women’s health rehab with all my savings & started writing blogs si that I could share moments of my new life & express my love for study & physiotherapy in words !

I also started completing my book that later I gave name, ” It’s All About Pregnancy ” , which is available on Amazon now after 7 years! In same year I cleared my international license exam as OBGYN PT & my SSB too! My parents become my best friend! Living so close to my work awakened something in me!

I felt an urge to create & it become my biggest passion to continue creating & moving people with my skill of OBGYN PT! It’s now 6 years since I moved back & I still live here in my house with my family but losted Dad last year!

From here I run my own business Hormonal wings! Where my Dad & Mom employed as an administrator! I spend my days doing OOD, Research, telehealth, writing, studying & making content for my you tube channel! And through all my social media channels I read over a number if people every week! I work together with my buddy family & Anuj ! And recently he publish my book! And I still have my clinic with more knowledge & confidence Hormonal Wings which is close to my heart!

And still my wish is to give something beautiful to this world & physiotherapy! Something that breaks through our barriers & reaches the soul to heal women! And my book is already available on Amazon name “It’s All About Pregnancy” ! The book is completed in this place only on 21 April 2020 with my Dad! One of the magical moments I have got to experience during my years here!

I have learned so much during these years & my work got published too! Most of all that feeling grateful for small things in life is the key to the big things! And that it’s only we, ourselves, that sets the limit of what is possible & not! And to have patience & never give up! And never be afraid of loosing your feel on the ground cause sometimes that can be the best things you will ever do!

Thank you for reading!

Dr Deeksha Singh


My book “It’s All About Pregnancy ” Link-


I’m on Instagram as @pelvic_floor_rehab_drdeeksha. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

I’m a certified and registered Physiotherapist. With licenced certification in Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist & Core confidence specialist too & also certified in rehab of rheumatoid arthritis. I’m also a invasive transvaginal+transrectal certified Pelvic Floor Rehab Specialist. Cerrtified in Kinesiology tapping , Dry-needling & Stroke rehab too. I used to treat Ur silent suffering means your Pelvic Floor problems so can contact me and also work with Physiotherapy in Obstetrics and Gynecology cases. In year 2018 I got national women empowerment award too. I also work as a sports physio. I used to treat urine leaking and Pelvic organ prolapse and sexual dysfunction without any medication and surgery. So contact me for postural correction & weight management & exercises prescription for OBGYN sessions. M a women’s health counselor too. so for more information DM or mail me 

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